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We’re the powerhouses in oil and gas exploration.

Petroleum Refining and Distribution Services

We support the petroleum refining, trade, distribution, and transportation industries with world-class expertise and capabilities, helping clients manage demanding operational, regulatory, quality, bulk cargo inspection, and physical storage challenges

Asset Integrity Management (AIM)

We provide Asset Integrity Management and life management support to infrastructure, facilities, and equipment through the conception, design, construction, commissioning, operations, and decommissioning phases.

Crude Oil Assay

Alkam Energy can offer a fully customization Crude Oil Assay service to help our clients meet the challenges of the global oil market. Our testing, inspection, metering and engineering services provide crucial industry support for a wide range of exploration, production and logistics requirements.

Sustainability and Innovation

Alkam Group is focusing its responsibilities on environment, people and society as a critical factor to be able to continue operating effectively. We believe that communicating with the people who are affected by our operations is greatly important.

Decades of Expertise

Global Experience, Regional Expertise

Alkam Energy has been operating as a regional upstream and midstream oil and gas company for over forty-five years. It began its activities in the early 1970’s as the first regional, independent, privately-owned Middle Eastern petroleum company to engage in the acquisition, exploration and development of petroleum concessions and the production and sale of crude oil, petroleum products and natural gas. Since that time, our diverse international operations in a wide range of conditions have brought valuable experience as an upstream petroleum company. We have significant expertise in the following areas:

Working together

For Solutions that Matter

Having completed about 120 million man-hours of work in more than 140 projects, mostly mega projects in recent years, Alkam Group is now capable of rendering a wide range of upstream and downstream services, from design and engineering through commissioning and startup operation in both onshore and offshore projects. Moreover, Alkam is now performing as a business developer while some of its recent projects are in EPC or Buy-back forms. Alkam Energy, as a project leader in over 6 billion dollars projects with more than 2000 qualified personnel is planning to expand its horizons to enter the regional markets as a world-class contractor and E&P by utilizing state-of-the-art technology and benefiting from professional subsidiaries.




Partner of Choice

Alkam Energy has earned a reputation for consistently delivering results that add value. We strive to be a trusted partner everywhere we operate, recognized for our expertise, experience and ability to collaborate for success.

Our Values

At Alkam Group, what we do is important — and how we do it is even more so. Guided by our values of integrity, innovation and investment, we work hard to earn the high regard of our partners, investors and other stakeholders around the world.

Global Energy Leader

Thomson Reuters honored Alkam Energy as a Top 100 Global Energy Leader, in recognition of excelling in a complex business environment by balancing financial demands with regulatory, risk, legal, social and environmental needs.

Our team of Professional workers, Engineers and Managers

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President & Chief Executive Officer

Robert Schaefer

Executive Vice President Operations

Cacayan Pecidodo

Director - North American Division

Wee Hui Hock

Director and CEO- Australian Division

Charles Nowak

Director & CEO- Asian Division

Mark Wu Chen

Because we understand that the well-being of people everywhere depends on energy.

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